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The new pop trend for middle-aged fathers is embracing a softer body type known as the Dad bod. You may have seen men, including celebrities, sporting Dad bod selfies on social media. There’s also a bit of blowback from fit Dads showing off their version of a Dad bod.

The Dad bod has certainly become somewhat controversial—accepted by some and frowned on by others. The term has caused a bit of confusion about what is considered a healthy body for men, especially in a society obsessed with being lean and having sculpted abs.

Could a softer look for men be the new way to balance workouts and workloads? It appears to be growing in popularity because it promotes a more relaxed lifestyle and body. However, it may be encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle and increased risk for disease and illness.

There are a few questions about the Dad bod trend that have surfaced. They include:

  • Is a Dad bod healthy?
  • Does it promote positivity?
  • Is it body shaming?
  • Should a father no longer worry about maintaining his body?
  • What’s the difference between a Dad bod and a fit bod?

What Is a Dad Bod?

“Dad bod” is a popular slang term referring to the less fit body type of middle-aged fathers.

The Urban Dictionary defines the Dad bod as softly round and built for comfort. The theory is based upon the belief that once a man becomes a husband and father, he doesn’t have to worry about taking care of his body as much.

The Dad bod is said to be a cross between being muscular and overweight—men are hitting the gym occasionally during the week and enjoying a few beers on the weekend.

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