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We are passionate about understanding consumers’ preferences and we have a relentless drive to innovate, putting us at the forefront of creating flavors that “spin your senses.

Syncing Formula with Flavors

We reverse engineer the flavoring process and examine all the ingredients, isolating the undesirable ones to ensure our customers have the best tasting experience.



Our team of experts continually looks up for methods to formulate products, which are best in price and in tandem with the brand’s vision. You come in with your idea of sports supplements and that is all. We take care of growing it from an idea to a successful product line. It mind sound cliché but we are India’s first and only one stop shop for launching a Sports Supplement Brand.


A Dedicated Team of Experienced Biotechnologists and Health Experts

We are associated with best health experts who have served India’s health industry for decades and proved to be pioneer of the industry – many of them are food technologists, certified in food sciences, dieticians, and fitness coach; who continually help us to innovate new products which meet market demands.